About Shaktivating

“We teach best what we need most to learn” © Richard Bach

How true! Shaktivating, although it didn’t have a name then, came to me during my own challenging transformational times. I forgot what I had to remember 🙂  Hit the rock bottom of self-pity, insecurity, the feeling of being not talented enough, not worthy enough, not “businessy” enough etc etc etc… What led to such a state, it doesn’t really matter now. What matters is, I know, that it is possible to wake up. To REMEMBER. To rise. To fly.

We shut ourselves down and are not ready to receive. But once we open our hearts to change, to grow, – all needed information just comes flowing to You. It takes all different shapes and forms, sometimes it’s a wise quote you read somewhere, or overheard a conversation, or a friend just told you something “random” but it deeply resonated with you… Or, all of a “sudden”, your social media feed shows you just what you needed to hear, or online store recommends you exact books on the subject, completely “out of the blue”. We, as wise sentient beings, know for a long time, that there are no accidents, no coincidences.  All is in the Divine Order. So, I am so very grateful that You are here ♥

Just like all those little bits and pieces helped me remember who I really am and why I am here, it is my turn to share.

Shaktivating isn’t just a bouquet of exercises and talks, it’s a lifestyle.

So many ask what it is exactly that we do? A little bit of everything and every class is different. We engage in energy work. Come back to our Center. Do some sacred movement. Release. Invite our inner child to play. Learn about Self Love. Dance and shake. Unite in our beauty. We deserve it. We are worthy. We are Power.

No matter how low you’ve fallen, you can rise again. No matter how dirty things got, you can become clean again. Remember that, Goddess. Deep in Your heart, You know it. You remember.